Our Employees

What makes nanoCLEAN CE Critical Environments, Inc. unique is our employees. nanoCLEAN CE Critical Environments, Inc. employees are specifically trained to work in a cleanroom and to follow procedures exactly that create the best possible environment for our customers room and product. Before employees are allowed to enter a customer’s cleanroom, they spend a minimum of ten hours in classroom training.

This unique training of our employee's includes training in Cleanroom Behavior, Basic Microbiology, How Disinfectants Work, How to Properly Clean a Cleanroom, How to Use Products Properly, What Typical Cleanroom Equipment Encountered, and How to Gown. After each section, our employees are tested for comprehension and how they understand the SOPs.

Our experienced cleaners are given additional training in sterile gowning and required to pass the most stringent gowning protocols in the field. Time and time again, nanoCLEAN CE Critical Environments, Inc. cleaners pass our customers sterile gowning requirements the first time.

For lab decommissioning projects our supervisors have taken and received certificates on Hazwopper 40 Course.

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