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Our Founder

Brian began his career selling disinfectants, skin care, floor care, degreasers, and water treatment products to hospitals and pharmaceutical companies on the East Coast. As he progressed, Brian learned much about biology and how to remove bacteria from skin and surfaces.

Brian spent 14 years working for the medical supply division of Merck & Co., Inc. until 

his division was sold to Bristol Myers Squibb. He spent two years working for Bristol Myers Squibb, until his division was sold to STERIS Corporation. He managed sales reps who sold consumable and capital products. In addition to the infection control products, Brian was trained on Sterilizers and Automated Washing Equipment which added to his expertise in disinfection and sterilization.

In 2001, Brian went to work as General Manager for a satellite office for a contract cleaning company that specialized in Cleanrooms. Mr. Thaler took over the Bay Area Office that had 12 employees. Over the next eight years he grew the office to 71 employees with a tenfold increase in revenue and accounts. During this time, Brian built upon the existing foundation of the company by improving quality and instituting better quality controls and becoming experienced in contamination control.

In March 2010 Brian founded nanoCLEAN CE Critical Environments, Inc. with the purpose of becoming the preeminent contract cleaning company for Critical Environments and the source to go when problems arise.