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nanoClean CE Critical Enviroments, Inc.

About Us

Our Mission

To provide the highest level of expertise in precision cleaning of critical environments, and to build long-term relationships with our clients by understanding and meeting their needs with the highest level of integrity and professionalism in the industry.

Core Values

​Integrity- to demonstrate honesty at all times

Knowledge- Being experts in our field of critical environments and creating a culture that fosters learning and development


Loyalty- build strong relationships with our

clients and team

Respect- behaving ethically and professionally

Safety- Emphasizing safety with a knowledgeable work force to eliminate hazardous situations and accidents at our customer job sites

Our Services

Precision Cleanroom Cleaning

Lab Decommissioning Services



Manufacturing Support

Safety Shower and Eye Wash Inspections

Data Center

797 Compounding Pharmacies


Our Founder: Brian Thaler

Brian began his career selling disinfectants, skin care, floor care, degreasers, and water treatment products to hospitals and pharmaceutical companies on the in the Northeastern United Staes. As he progressed, Brian learned much about biology and how to remove bacteria from skin and surfaces.

Brian spent 14 years working for the medical supply division of Merck & Co., Inc. until his division was sold to Bristol Myers Squibb. He spent two years working for Bristol Myers Squibb, until his division was sold to STERIS Corporation. He managed sales reps who sold consumable and capital products. In addition to the infection control products, Brian was trained on Sterilizers and Automated Washing Equipment which added to his expertise in disinfection and sterilization.

In 2001, Brian went to work as General Manager for a satellite office for a contract cleaning company that specialized in Cleanrooms. Mr. Thaler took over the Bay Area Office that had 12 employees. Over the next eight years he grew the office to 71 employees with a tenfold increase in revenue and accounts. During this time, Brian built upon the existing foundation of the company by improving quality and instituting better quality controls and becoming experienced in contamination control.

In March 2010 Brian founded nanoCLEAN CE Critical Environments, Inc. with the purpose of becoming the preeminent contract cleaning company for Critical Environments and the source to go when problems arise.

Our Employees

What makes nanoCLEAN CE Critical Environments, Inc. unique is our employees. nanoCLEAN CE employees are specifically trained to work in a cleanroom and to follow standard operating procedures, that create the best possible environment for our customers room and product. Before employees are allowed to enter a customer’s cleanroom, they spend a minimum of ten hours in classroom training.

This unique training of our employee's includes training in Cleanroom Behavior, Basic Microbiology, How Disinfectants Work, How to Properly Clean a Cleanroom, How to Use Products Properly, What Typical Cleanroom Equipment Encountered, and How to Gown. After each section, our employees are tested for comprehension and how they understand the SOPs.

Our experienced cleaners are given additional training in sterile gowning, and they are required to pass the most stringent gowning protocols in the field. Time and time again, nanoCLEAN CE Critical Environments, Inc. technicians pass our customers sterile gowning requirements the first time.

Among other relevant trainings and qualifications, nanoCLEAN CE's Operations Managers are Hazwopper 40 certified.

Serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area as the premier critical environments cleaning service. Work with our team of experts to create your custom cleaning strategy.


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