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nanoCLEAN CE Critical Environments, Inc. is a contract cleaning company that specializes in the technical cleaning of Controlled Environments such as: Cleanrooms, R&D Laboratories, and Tissue Culture Labs.

nanoCLEAN CE Critical Environments,Inc. specializes in Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Semiconductor, Electronics, Laser, Nano-Technology, Data Centers, Optical, Aerospace, 797 Pharmacies, and any other industry that mandates its products are produced in a Controlled Environment or Cleanroom.

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We think it’s really important that your critical environments team is local, accessible, and reliable, which means you can place your trust in them.

San Jose, CA, USA

Call: (510) 868-0041

Serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area as the premier critical environments cleaning service. Work with our team of experts to create your custom cleaning strategy.


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(510) 868-0041

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